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Dark Passions Gowron To Storm Heaven Space... The Final Frontier The Five Captains5 Wrath Of Khan, Nebula Battle Commander Sisko Marooned Chrysalis USS Reliant Dark Passions II Future Enterprise Vengeance Pandora's Prodigy Mud Returns

Star Trek Gallery Two
These beautiful paintings were commissioned and licensed for use on many products and collectibles. Many of the paintings were created for book covers, magazines, fine art posters, lithographs and collectible trading cards.

The majority of Sonia's original paintings are mixed media. Paintings that combine different painting and drawing materials and methods. In Sonia's works, many combine airbrush, detailed brush work, acrylics, rotring artist colors, colored pencils and, at times, even oils. Many people are surprised to find that Sonia's paintings show very little brush strokes, if at all. She accomplished this by building up the colors in very thin, transparent layers. Creating the detail, depth and brilliance she is know for. Please contact us for current availability and pricing.

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