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About Us

We are proud to present the works of Sonia R. Hillios. Sonia, an award-winning painter and illustrator of science fiction and fantasy and environmental subjects, began painting at a very young age. A self-taught artist, Sonia worked in airbrush, acrylics, oils and mixed media, creating works rich in detail, color and variety. Sonia built a highly successful career as an Illustrator, Fine Artist and Photographer as the owner of Time Line Studio.

While most media artist specialize in one area, such as technical paintings, Sonia's talent covered a broad range. She was one of the first women to paint illustrations for both the Star Trek® and Star Wars® franchises. She could capture an actor's likeness, render a photographically accurate image of a complex space vessel, or create a lifelike character from descriptions in a script. Her portraits were well received and quickly approved. She received letters of appreciation from many of the actors she portrayed. Her Star Wars Space Vehicle series from the Hamilton Collection was a hit with collectors not only for their beauty, but for their technical perfection. Originals from this series now hang in the private collection of Lucasfilm Ltd. On the rare occasion when Sonia wasn't painting, she traveled with her husband and vast array of art to meet with fans, actors and collectors at conventions and exhibits across the country. An exhibit of her works graced the Las Vegas Hilton's Star Trek: The Exhibition for nearly a year.

Sonia's exceptional art career spanned nearly three decades. However, due to illness, she has been forced to retire form the work she so loved.

C-MED Innovations LLC is the proud owner of Sonia R. Hillios' remaining portfolio of original paintings. We are now offering a select number of her paintings to collectors. Paintings still available for sale will be noted on our Gallery pages.

Please contact us for current availability and pricing. As licensed art, all paintings purchased must include a signed contract. No reproduction rights are included. We will be happy to provide pricing, a sample contract, all painting details, and additional, detailed, photos of any framed paintings. We accept PayPal and all major credit cards.

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You may also visit our Collectibles page to find licensed and signed and numbered lithographs, fine art posters and collectibles for purchase.
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Listed below are some of the many studios, companies and organizations who have commissioned Sonia's exhilarating art for some of their past projects. Her works have been used for licensed products, books & books covers, comic covers, movie posters, CD covers, collectable cards, collectors plates, magazines and advertising. Her work was also commmissioned by some of the most discriminating private collectors.

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